Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thumbnailing open thread

Here are my first few thumbnails on the script for an officer and an alien.
I felt that the beginning could be developed by focusing of the quarreling of the two charactes as they run, which is a good comedy within a tense chase setup.
Anyway, I'm sure it  will chage in the further steps but this is the way I put it down so far.

And here's the second instalment. I've done two different versions for the moment in the story when the blinding light blast from the flying saucer hits our heroes. I first drew it as a simple view from below, with the camera almost at ground level so we see the characters in great perspective distorsion and flooded with light, so also high contrast. I wasn't too sure about that though and so I came up with this other idea where we experience the light beam three times, one for Flit, one for Major Strick and lastly for a general view looking at the flying saucer from above and the characters down below. Each experience framed in a vertical strip framed in a black background screen.

Third and fourth thumbnail of this page are version 1 of the light blast

Version 2 of the light blast
I had lots of fun doing this little scene with Zork today.

And here's today's thumbnails, starting where I left yesterday, only flipping the last sketch the other way round for continuity with what follows, I now spotted that now that I cahnged that I should also change the direction Zork throws the rope ladder towards in the sketches before (on top of another mountain of stuff to improve throughout).

The final batch of this first pass. Next, revision of the thumbnails.

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