Monday, May 14, 2012

Sketches & doodles

A very long day of work today. From 9:30 am to half past midnight in front of the Cintiq earning my keep and thinking at when I'll be able to just draw for fun, which happended to be after half past twelve when I finally finished to do what I had to do. Such is the freedom of freelancing life. Anyway, this week I want to draw a short comix story and here I post this character I thought about some weeks ago and that this week finally will be developed. It's the Scarecrow.
He lives in a corn field doing exactly what his name says, but as you can see, he's a strange creature, with long limbs, long hands and... feathers. I did a couple more sketches of him now,
Hopefully now during my sleep I'll figure out what his story could be. I have in mind a gang of kids fascinated by the creature, teasing him, conflicting... The rural settings made me think of a gang of kids like these, the Bumblebees:
And that's all I have of this story for now. Totally unrelated I also did this other sketch.
I now go too sleep, tomorrow is another day of work, but should be a bit lighter than today, I should be able to got into the story of the scarecrow for a few hours.

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