Friday, June 1, 2012


I haven't finished yet! I had an unbelievably busy week workwise and I could only start my roughs on Friday night, so after a nights' work here's the result. I now go to sleep and when I get up I finish it.

Update Saturday 2:44 pm: I added 8 panels, I'm hard at work trying to finish it by the start of the webinar wich starts at 5pm London time. Hopefully the next update will have all the rest of the story.

Update 3:55 pm - 8 more panels added. There are about 20 panels left...

Update 5pm, Sherm just started speaking and here's what's done so far, I am a few panels short but never mind, in this part of the story there won't be any difference between the thumbs and the roughts.

Update 19:45 pm: I finished dunring the breaks of the webinar. I emailed the pdf to Sherm and posted it here.

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